Let's play a game. Imagine that you have the perfect job: You are the one in charge of casting stars for a lot of upcoming Disney movies, all of them live action versions of all time classics. So you have to chose the perfect Elsa, the perfect Anna and even the perfect Simba. It is not going to be easy, but we are here to help and play with you. We thought of 50 classical Disney Characters and 50 Celebrities (and a few infiltrates) that would play them perfectly in a live action movie. Take a look, participate in the casting and have fun! These celebrities are perfect to play your favorite Disney Characters in a live action movie.

From all the places on Earth humans have managed to discover and conquer, the depths of the ocean is one that at some point remains mysterious. As we go deeper and further, our knowledge of the animals and plants that live there is more and more similar to our ancestors´, who created fantastic stories about strange beings from the sea. They may have not been so wrong, after all, judging for the looks of these animals that have been discovered in the sea. Many of them remained unknown until tsunamis, for example, brought them to our eyes. check the strangest animals that came out of it

The human body is a complex and beautiful machine where everything has a purpose and a reason to be, but it is so complex that sometimes it confuses even the most qualified specialists like doctors and scientists. Many bizarre questions may come up when thinking about it like for example, how long does a hair live for? Today, I will try to answer this question and much more you probably haven't even thought through a list with 50 fascinating and interesting facts about our body and some of its mysteries.